Difference between MSDE and SQL Server 2000

MSDE(Microsoft Desktop Engine):

MSDE is a cut down version of the SQL SERVER database and free, redistributable software.



In MSDE database size limited to 2GB.
In SQL Server database size limited to 1,048,516 TB1(1 Billion GB).


Performance of MSDE degrades when maximum number of concurrent operations greater then or equal to 8. Performance degradation is implemented with the help of SQL SERVER 2000 workload governor.

In SQL SERVER 2000, possible number of concurrent connections are 32,767.

C.OLAP and Data warehousing:

MSDE does not provide OLAP and Data warehousing capabilities.


MSDE does not have support facility for SQL mail.

E.Administrative Tools:

MSDE doesn't have its own administrative tools. There are many third party tools, which provide administrative capability GUI.

SQL Server have administrative tools such as enterprise manager, Query analyzer or Profiler.

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